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Private Lessons

Private lessons are avail-able in the Richmond area, at your house, with your materials.  Lessons are $65.00 per hour and available in six week sessions.  Length of les-son, length of session and objectives are determined before beginning.  Les-sons in drawing, acrylics, colored pencil and water-color are available. Tutor-ing in any subject will focus on composition, color theory, coaching and understanding your creative process.

Teaching Philosophy

In the classroom, Dawn Flores creates an atmosphere of support, devoid of comparison and unhealthy competition.  She teaches collaboratively—assessing each student’s needs, through listening and watch-ing, and adjusts the class to provide each student with what they need most.  She teaches students to be artists, not imitators, by focusing on the creative process, teach-ing students to explore new ways of working, thinking and seeing—both themselves and the world.

Classes & Workshops

Events listed on the sche-dule are open to the public, for the most part, and can be signed up for through the organization hosting the class or work-shop.  Links are posted as soon as they are avail-able.


Partners of the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts may schedule events through the museum.  Non-partners may contact Dawn directly, to schedule an event.

Through the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts

Dawn is an instructor with Statewide Programs at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts.  To become a partner, learn about all the resources available from the museum, or to schedule a workshop at your facility through the museum, visit the Statewide Program Link. 


If you have any questions, contact Jeffrey Allison, Paul Melon Collection Educator and VMFA Statewide Manager.

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