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The Work

Inspired by the ephemeral beauty of the natural world, Dawn Flores is a multi-disciplinary artist and  educator who works in pencil, acrylic, colored pencil, watercolor and photography.  Her favorite subjects are orchids, lotus, butterflies and trees; the cycles of life, death and regeneration; and environmental and social commentary. Currently, she is experimenting in making paint, fabric design, quiltmaking, printmaking, collage, encaustic and building installation pieces from material salvaged from the forest. 

In addition to the visual arts, Dawn also expresses her creativity, with equal skill and passion, through writing, acting, dancing, gardening and being a community lead-er.  She sees art as a necessary process for self-healing and personal growth; and as a vehicle for cultivating understanding, building connections and healing personal and communal wounds. 


Dawn believes that each of us possess great capacity for genius, and that we access that genius through the creative process.


Photo by Mark Gormus

Heading 3

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