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Abstract Watercolor Exploration

Watercolors have the reputation of being the most challenging painting medium.  The unforgiving white of the paper and the uncontrollable nature of water make it intimidating.  Through exercises participants will learn how forgiving white paper can be and how to control water and pigment.  Focusing on color and composition, participants will practice techniques while creating a series of abstract paintings.  

Botanical Watercolors

For the beginner or advanced student, this workshop teaches watercolor techniques through exercises that help the participant understand  color, composition and improve brush control.  Information on the history, and the paper, paint, drawing and transfer techniques used in botanical art, will be discussed.  Basic drawing skills are helpful for drawing the plant specimen from which to paint an elegant botanical portrait.

Color with Sargent

John Singer Sargent was a master of color.  His blacks were textured, his whites were complex and his side-by-side use of warm and cool colors gave his work vibrancy.  In this four-week intensive, students will study Sargent’s work through slide presentations and by visiting the VMFA’s McGlothlin Collection.  Working in either watercolor or acrylic, students will complete color exercises, copy Sargent's work and create their own compelling pieces inspired by Sargent’s use of color.

Colored Pencils & Acrylic

The layering of colored pencils and acrylic is a fantastic technique for building up soft textures, sharp edges, and rich colors. Drawing from colorful photographs or still-life objects of flora and fauna, we will explore the techniques used to take colored pencils a step beyond their traditional use.

Crash Course in Watercolor

This workshop provides step-by-step instruction on a variety of watercolor techniques, including special effects, glazing, dry-brush, wet on wet, washes and more.  Learn the basics of watercolor through a series of exercises that will teach you watercolor techniques, gain a greater understanding of color theory and improve your control of the brush.  Detailed information on paper, paint and brushes will be included in this class.

Drawing Trees

Basic drawing skills are essential for building a strong foundation from which to express yourself creatively in any medium.  You will learn the power of observation, the importance of proportion, how to establish perspective and how build form, while learning about different species and cultivating an appreciation for the complexity of nature’s botanical wonders.  We will work directly from observation in the garden and from photographs provided by the instructor.  This class is excellent for beginners and a great way for experienced students to hone their skills.

Still-life with Flowers

For beginner or experienced watercolor painters, this class will focus on building form, choosing colors that harmonize, as well as, painting shadows and backgrounds.  Students will bring objects that they are interested in painting, and can make simple attainable compositions with fruit and vegetables, or challenge themselves with crystal and silver.  Tips on painting flowers, vases and water will be included.

Watercolor from the Beginning

You will learn everything you need to build a strong foundation in getting started in watercolor.  Learn detailed information on paper, paint and brushes explained clearly and demonstrated with helpful visual aids.  Practice mixing colors, learn how to do basic washes and find out about special techniques unique to watercolor. 

Watercolor Orchids

Some subjects just scream to be painted in watercolors and orchids are one of those subjects.  Taught by botanical artist, Dawn Flores, you will have two full days to practice, plan and execute orchid inspired paintings.  Information on orchid anatomy, lessons on color and a variety of watercolor techniques and transfer practices used in watercolors will be presented.  Orchid owners may bring in their own specimens and everyone can work from photographs provided by the instructor.  This class is designed to be appropriate for any skill level. 

Waterlilies, Watercolor & Monet

Monet made a huge contribution to the world of art with his monumental waterlily paintings.  We will study and be inspired by Monet's use of color, horizon lines, reflections and water surface, then find our own expression in watercolor. Working directly from the waterlily pond, or from photographs provided by the instructor, students will create their own paintings while learning a variety of painting techniques, including special effects  glazing, dry-brush, wet on wet, washes and more.

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