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Guidlelines for Woodturners for The Forest Project

The Forest Project is a collaborative project with many facets—quiltmaking, printing-making, eco dyeing, woodturning, photography and videography—all documenting an urban forest about to be clear-cut for development.  The focus of this work is about forms—forms found in nature and how they change, capturing forms and changing them.  The ultimate goal is to create a large exhibition, or numerous exhibitions that will commemorate the forest, invoke it’s majesty, connect the viewer to nature, expand the creativity of participants and build community through the process.

To Participate as a Woodturner for The Forest Project

  • Receive wood at the February and March meetings of the Richmond Woodturners at Woodcraft.  If you are unable to attend, contact Dawn Flores and secure wood through her.  Please take what you think you will use.  Do not sell, give it away or use for firewood.

  • Turn a finished piece, download a registration/release form (available June 15, 2016) from and submit a professional photograph, of your piece on a neutral background, to this link.  Or contact Dawn to photograph your piece for you.

  • Sign a release form, for filmmaker Patrick Gregory who is documenting the project.  Release forms will be available at monthly Richmond Woodturner meetings.


Gallery Exhibitions

  • All work that is made from the forest will be documented by Dawn Flores and included in a self-published book with a credit line.  To be included you must submit a professional photograph, or make your work available to Dawn Flores to photograph, and sign a registration/release form.

  • All documented work will automatically be eligible to be juried into gallery shops or exhibitions. 

  • These exhibitions are in the process of being developed and will be determined by the caliber of work that is submitted for showing.

  • Dawn Flores will act as administrator and work will be curated by the exhibiting venue. 

  • If your work is juried into a shop or exhibition, you will receive email notification and a prospectus about the show.  At that time you can decide if you want to participate.

  • Each venue selected will have different agreements and procedures.  In most cases—work chosen will be displayed and available for sale; the price will be set by you; commissions will be split between you, the venue and Dawn Flores.

  • Only work made from the Bliley Forest will be included in exhibitions.

  • You may not sell or exhibit as ‘The Forest Project’ independently.


What to Turn

  • Whatever you’re inspired to make—organic experimental forms, hollow forms, multi-axis work, inside outside turning, platters, bowls, goblets, eggs, pens, tops and spindles.


Tips for Woodturners

  • Love the wood and enjoy the process

  • Experiment, try something new and don’t be afraid to fail

  • When possible sign the bottom of your work with your full name, year and “The Forest Project” in small letters.

  • Please know that your work and participation is gratefully received!


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