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Salvaging for The Forest Project

Items Reclaimed

465' wide heart pine

600' rough sawn pine

500' narrow pine

600' clapboard

1 tin roof

12 corbels

12 doors

10 metal vents

1 refrigerator

3 truckloads of rocks

1 wooden mantle

1 granite mantel

1 truckload antiques

10 cases of glass

12 World War ll playing cards

20 antique marbles

4 light fixtures

3 porcelain sinks

2 rain gutters

1 lawnmower

Salvage Team

At the center of the forest sat a 150 year-old farmhouse, built in 1865 and then remodeled in the 20's and 50's.  With permission from the Breeden Company, Arthur Woodward from Plain and Fancy Carpentry, trained volunteers in dismantling parts of the house and outbuildings.  Artists worked for two months, taking down doors, light fixtures and hardware, salvaging wood floors and tin roofs, keeping usable resources from going to landfill.  These resources will be repurposed by artists who performed the labor.  They will be used for home improvement, making art and fundraising.  Several items were dontated to Goodwill and the Visual Art Center.

Aurthur Woodward

Jack Johnson

Loni Eddy

Joel Eddy

Karen Wittich

Sven Arenander

Robert Metzfield

Jeannine Metzfield

Carlos Iga

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