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Guidlelines for Quiltmakers for The Forest Project                                                                                                                           

The Forest Project is a collaborative project documenting 60-acres of urban forest that has been clear-cut for development. The forest is being documented through—quiltmaking, printmaking, eco dyeing, woodturning, photography, videography and poetry. The ultimate goal is to create a large exhibition, or numerous exhibitions, that will commemorate the forest, invoke it’s majesty, connect the viewer to nature, expand the creativity of participants and build community through the process.  


Participate in Quiltmaking                                                                                                           

• Sign up to receive email notifications.
• On Facebook, join Forest Project Quilters.
• Purchase fabric to sew your quilt from the Beloved Sycamore Shop —
• Follow the guidelines and advice on this page.
• Photograph your quilt professionally and submit the photograph with a release form. In Richmond, Action Photography does great work.  A release form will be sent to you upon request. 

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Making a Quilt                                                                                                                                

• Participation is open to amateur and professional quiltmakers.  Quilts may be made by hand, machine, long-arm and/or handstitching, quilted or handtied.
• Once purchased, the individual color/pattern combination that you use will be retired, so that your quilt is completely unique and a true collaboration between yourself and Dawn Flores.  
• The retired patterns will stay on the Spoonflower web site for viewing, but will not be available to the public.  If you need more of your particular pattern, email Dawn and she will make it available for reorder.  
• All quilts should have a 3” rod cuff for hanging.
• All quilts should be made exclusively from Beloved Sycamore fabric.  
• All quilts should have your full name labeled on the back in thread.
• Consult Dawn, if you wish to use any fabric that is not from Beloved Sycamore.

Dawn Flores retains the copyright of her patterns and reserves the right to license all patterns to designers or manufacturers.


About the Fabric & Patterns                                                                                                         

• There are over one thousand designs made from photographs of trees, plants, flowers, seeds, snow, earth, birds, turtles and snakes.  All taken on 60-acres of urban forest about to be clear-cut for development.
• Dawn Flores will continue to make new blender fabrics throughout this process.  New blenders will be released about once a month.
• Pick your fabric carefully. Order a sample proof to make sure your fabrics work together, or contact Dawn Flores to schedule a consultation and view the samples in person.
• If you need a pattern in a color that does not exist, contact Dawn to request a commissioned design.  The cost will be $10.00 for an 8” x 8” sample proof.  
• Once purchased, there is no return on fabric.  Please note that all fabric issues must be resolved with Spoonflower who is responsible for the printing of the fabric.
• When ordering, you have 15 different fabric choices.  The organic cotton sateen, kona cotton and the eco canvas print beautifully.

Tips for Quilters                                                                                                                             

  • Make something you love.

  • Enjoy the process.

  • Experiment, try something new, make your own pattern, incorporate embroidery, work with a partner.

  • Use organic fabric if your budget allows.

  • In Richmond, visit Quilting Adventures, on Lakeside Avenue, for quilting supplies, lessons, tips and expert guidance.

6943 Lakeside Avenue

Richmond VA 23228

Gallery Exhibitions                                                                                                                        

• All quilts documented will be published in an artbook with a credit line. To be included you must sign a release form.
• All documented work will automatically be eligible to be juried into gallery or outdoor exhibitions.  
• These exhibitions are in the process of being developed and will be determined by the caliber of work that is submitted for showing.
• Dawn Flores will act as administrator and work will be curated by the exhibiting venue.
• If your work is juried into a shop or exhibition, you will receive email notification and a prospectus about the show.  At that time, you can decide if you want to participate.
• Each venue selected will have different agreements and procedures.  In most cases—work chosen will be displayed and available for sale; the price will be set by you; commissions will be split between you, the venue and Dawn Flores.
• You will be responsible for shipping or dropping off your quilt.  Once received, Dawn Flores will retain your work for a minimum of 12 months.
• Your work will be treated with the greatest respect and upmost of care.

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