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Plant Rescue for The Forest Project

Plants were rescued from the woods, and from the  garden around the farmhouse.  The rescued plants were given to neighbors and taken home by volunteers.  Daylilies, peonies, camellia and forsythia were sold to raise funds for the Forest Project. Seeds will be used to make installation pieces, incorporated into encaustic work and propagated for planting.

Plants Rescued

Rescue Team

95 ladyslipper orchids

240 ferns

12 dogwoods

4 redbuds

140 peonies

1,000 daffodils

2 mullien

1 plantain

318 daylilies

10 virbinium

75 irises

2 roses

3 honeysuckle bushes

5 purple phlox

62 forsythia

14 lilacs

5 winged sumac

18 blue-eyed flowers

30 skullcap

3 foxtail sedge

Maya Flores

Miguel Flores

Jack Johnson

Loni Eddy

Noah Eddy

Karen Wittich

Kate Wittich

Patrick Wittich

Jean Jones

Leo Franzenetti

Jeannine Metzfield

Elizabeth Metzfield

Ripley Tew

D'An Hurst

Arthur Woodward

Kat Wilson

Matthew Wilson

Seed Collection

13 gallons of boneset

2 1/2 gallons of dogfennel

1 gallon of goldenrod

1 quart of privet

1 gallon of thistle

1 gallon of chinese chestnut

1 teaspoon venus' looking glass

1 quart aster

1 cup ironweed

1 gallon sycamore

1 quart pecan

1 galloon peach

1 cup hickory

1 gallon dogbane

1 gallon cattails

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